I should probably go for a degree in philosophy, being as insightful as I am.

This blog is going to channel eventually. I just know it. Until then, have fun watching me flomber around – doing whatever it is I’m doing.

Author likes:

  • writing novels
  • pop, jazz, choral, and rock n’ roll
  • playing ukulele
  • traveling
  • Converse
  • languages
  • sketching/ drawing
  • goats
  • stargazing
  • coffee

Author dislikes:

  • butterflies
  • jello
  • people not upfront about themselves (fake people)
  • writing papers
  • anything involving math
  • sharp cheddar
  • (I don’t know, I seem like a very reasonable person to me – there’s not much I don’t like)


Notice: Author realizes they may not be as insightful as they would like to believe. Caution is advised in discriminating what author posts as stupid or genius.