Brain vs. Emotion: Wendy’s 

*at Wendy’s*

 Me: i’m just getting fries and a frosty, that’s it, don’t freak out

Brain: you’re getting a medium fry and a small frosty, make sure the guy knows that

 Me: medium fry, small fry

Me: no, medium frosty, small fry

Brain: no no, you can’t get a small fry because the frosty makes you queasy, so you have to have something salty to counter-balance it. you. get. the. medium. fry.

Emotion: why not the large? more fries

Brain: because you’re not gluttonous and you’re just here for a snack

Me: the people in front of me are almost done – what do i want again let’s rehearse this

Brain: a medium fry and a small frosty

Emotion: i like chocolate

Brain: no, chocolate makes you even more queasy

Emotion: but vanilla is boring

Brain: so what? Get the vanilla

Me: small frosty. Medium fry

Brain: Yes

Me: Okay just let me repeat it in my head that helps. I won’t forget

 Me: small frosty. Medium fry

Me: small fry. Medium frosy

Me: small forstie – medamma free

Me: help

Brain: you can’t do anything can you. It’s so simple.

Emotion: you can’t mess it up. There’s a guy taking the orders. If you stutter he’ll think it’s because you’re distracted by him

Brain: just order. If you stutter, who cares? You’re getting a small frosty and a medium fry and you owe no one anything because you’re here to get dessert with your family

Me: I’M UP

Wendy’s Worker: hi what can I get you tod-


Wendy’s Worker: sure thing

Emotion: you cut him off… that was rude

Brain: SAFE. You’re safe. You ordered. You ordered without stuttering. Boom badda boom.

Me: its literally freaking Wendy’s how can I even be doing this


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