Welcome to H3J-ified

I’m uncomfortable with sharing publicly about my life, but I’ll be up front with you – I want to throw my precious energy into writing a blog so I can say ‘Yeah, I blog’ and sip coffee, impressing absolutely no one but my reflection in the mirror. (Can’t impress everyone…)
I’d say I’ll probably end up writing a lot of stupid, verbose stuff – but I’m actually a good writer and I have a lot to tell my referenced ‘absolutely no one’. However, this is my first blog, besides my website 206th Writers’ Division, so I will flail around for a while until I figure this stuff out.
Main purpose of this blog… ah, I haven’t quite thought that through yet. But all in due time.
[ ‘All in due time’ sounds like a really sophisticated way of saying ‘I’m procrastinating’.]

Welcome to H3J-ified.


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